Paolo Maria Noseda lives in Milan and in Rome.

Interpreter and Translator
Simultaneous and consecutive translations, chuchotage and negotiations.
Written translations.
Literary translations.

Certified Interpreter and Translator
Certified Conference Interpreter and Translator at the Courts of Milano (Italy).
Expert in translating depositions.

Speech Coach
Customised Public Speaking Tuition.

Marketing & Communication
From analysis to completion.

Matching wishes with goals with a global flair.

Ghost writing
Turning inside out the ghost in you, putting it black on white.

Paolo Maria Noseda hosts and presents Italian and foreign authors for literary festivals and performances.
Carla Fracci Passo dopo passo – Mondadori Duomo, Milano; VII Settembre Culturale, Agropoli
Nicolai Lilin – Educazione siberiana, Writers, Frigoriferi Milanesi, Milano
Marcello SignorePadre a tempo indeterminato – Hoepli, Milano

Opinion consultant
Making ends meet.

Concept analysis and training to optimise media interaction.