Simultaneous Interpretation

ISO 2603 soundproof booth, equipped with radio or infrared system needed.
Venue must be equipped with a number of (fixed or mobile) booths, one for each language. Each booth must be fitted with a suitable number of work stations (one for each interpreter). The interpreters must see the speakers (trough a CCTV when needed).
Interpreting team: two interpreters per booth. A third interpreter may be needed depending on the amount of working hours.
Simultaneous interpretation with one interpreter per booth only possible for an overall duration of maximum one hour.
Interpreting fee calculated on a per-day basis.

The interpreter’s opinion: Simultaneous interpretation is preferable in case of conferences with a large audience with many languages.

Are you organising an event with simultaneous interpretation? Please, immediately double check the availability of permanent translation booths in the venue, and smooth operation of technical equipment. Translation booths need to be sound-proof. Booths may be rented. Please, brief suppliers on venue size and double check that booths can all fit into it, in the event of temporary booths being used. A specialised sound engineer is needed to operate the equipment. Rental contracts usually include sound engineer’s fee.

Booth rentals
When requesting a quotation, please include enough headsets for simultaneous interpretation. Decide how to distribute headsets whether with or without an ID card deposit. Do not forget to ask for extra accessories (streaming, oversound and/or recording, mobile microphones, microphone tie clip, booth configuration, etc.)
Contact our equipment suppliers for a quote.

Recording the interpreters
Permission must be granted by interpreters prior to recording session. Recording must be rated as a separate service.

Please, inform the interpreters about any possible video projection and provide a transcript whenever possible. Interpreters should receive the agenda of the conference and any other material that may be of help.
Speakers should always be informed when a simultaneous interpreting service is provided and adjusting the speed of their speech is greatly appreciated by interpreters.